Banyan, Food for the Soul

Banyan is a child of love.The love of creating food, the love of exotic flavors, the love of sharing beauties. Opening its doors in Nişantaşı in 2003 as Turkey's first Asian fusion restaurant; Later, Banyan moved to Ortaköy, which is described as Istanbul's "Captain's Mansion", and continues to host its guests with its 180 Panoramic Bosphorus view and unique cuisine.

Banyan, Asian-Turkish Cuisine


Banyan, started the "Green Generation Restaurant" initiative on it's way as an Asian fusion restaurant, turned to a new concept with the support of local production and the sustainability principles that was created over the years, calling this concept Asian-Turkish Cuisine. Banyan, who uses geographically marked and ancestral seeds as well as Turkish recipes to add new flavors to Asian cuisine; It brings together the products that are a synthesis of the food texture and service style of Asian cuisine and local products with its guests.

Banyan is proud to be on the Michelin Recommendation List in 2023, when it turned 20 years , and to have hosted over 700,000 guests so far.

Banyan, İmza Kokteyller

About Banyan

All cocktails at Banyan are made by the award-winning bar chef "Master of Mixology" Chef Ersin Hamamcıoğlu and his team; It is prepared by being inspired by nature, local products and Turkish delicacies.

Our cocktails are prepared by continuous research and local tours; most of which are registered under the brand of "Banyan Cocktail Republic", created as a result of laboratory studies by infusing spices and fruits in alcohol, in its bar located at the seaside.

Banyan, Doğa İçin

Banyan believes that both individuals and organizations should take responsibility for climate change; Ww work to create a conscious consumption approach and reduce the amount of waste in the restaurant and food industry, which actually is one of the industries with the highest waste rate.

What is being done in Banyan to reduce its carbon footprint?

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- Attention is paid to the use of local products. .

Only customers who want garnish can place an order.

-Table cloth is not used.

-Disposable plastic straws and chopsticks are not used.

-Customers are directed to the digital QR menu and paper menus are avoided as much as possible.