Tea Corner

White Silver Needle
Most prestigious pure white tea of China’s Fujian area. Dried tea
leaves, not fermented. Has a light taste.
Milky Oolong
Half fermentated tea of Taiwan. it is between green and
black tea. Has a light milky flavour.
Lapsang Souchong
Pine wood smoked, strong flavoured tea of China’s Fujian area.
Produced from big and old tea leaves.
Banyan Asian Fusion
dried orange, cardamom, fresh ginger, cinnamon
Five Herb Tea
Lemon balm, fresh mint, dried lemon, chamomile, lavender
Lemon Ginger Tea
Dried lemon, fresh ginger, linden, turmeric
Sencha, Japan
Most popular Japanese green tea with light color.
Recommended for the afternoon.
Jasmine Pearls
The unique harmony of green tea leaves and jasmine flower from
Gunpowder, China
Products of April, early harvest tea leaves. Recommended
without sugar and with fresh mint leaves.
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